What a successful night!

$13,000 was raised for the Alice Sloan Trust which has gone to Ardoch Youth Foundation to fund the 2014 Frankston Aldercourt Primary School Camp. You can click here to see all the photos.

Thank you for all our supporters and donors, we are extremely grateful for their generosity.


Alice Keep, Keep Resin

Belle Musique

Brianna Hall & Richmond FC

Chris and Gail Bradley

Chrissie Thomas

Elle Cambage and Swiss

Emily Cameron and Hyrdolite

Emily Dornbusch, Emeldo

Emma Klein Lumiere & Co

Enchanted Maze Mornington Peninsula

Essendon FC

Georgia Morrison Graphic Design

Hotel Sorrento

Ian Zwar and Melbourne FC

Josh Meyer

Kathleen McKinna

Karen Morton, Kaz

Kate MacIndoe

Lachlan Hubbard

Leanne James

Lukas Brockley and Officeworks

MJB Photography


Osborn Sloan & Associates

Sammy J & Management

Sarah, Fez

Snake Hole

Vera at Tightology

Wittingslow Amusements