A Wonderland Ball, 5th of April 2013, supporting the Alice Sloan Trust was an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ themed fund raising event which saw to a wonderous night of great entertainment, lots of dancing and fun had by all. The theme provided an exciting and fun setting for a great night. A feature of the night was a long Mad Hatter’s Tea Party decorated with ‘Eat Me’ tags, kilos of candy, colourful arrangements of books and teacups, cupcakes and jam tarts. Touches such as a jazz band, Queen of Hearts door prize, ‘Read Me’ running scrolls, a full set of metre high chess pieces and ivy-wrapped birdcage table settings brought the theme to life. Leonda met every quirky request with confidence, and our 220+ guests raved about the night had with delight. The night raised over $8000 for the Trust which will go towards the Trust’s new and exciting camp for primary school aged students which will be announced soon! 904185_486472601420047_360394813_o 902260_486478908086083_298197933_o 906548_486470878086886_1135035370_o  906547_486464291420878_1319110685_o 904835_486491474751493_1879452449_o 903638_486464261420881_659570416_o 903349_486492144751426_2038224683_o

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A Wonderland Ball