winter2The Alice Sloan Trust invites you to participate in the winter ‘Walks of Life’ to gather with family and friends and enjoy a walk in the great outdoors for as long or short as you wish.


Alice was born on the first day of winter, June 1, 1989 and lost her life at the age of 16 on the last day of winter, August 31, 2005.  To remember Alice, each year on the 1st June, the Sloan family walk in a place that Alice loved.


We invite you to gather together and share in your own walk in this first week of winter. We hope in doing so that you will have the opportunity to reflect, enjoy nature and share the company of your loved ones and friends.


Donations raised through the ‘Walks of Life’ will assist the Alice Sloan Trust to fund an expedition for young people and create, support and fund further opportunities


If you wish to organise a “Walks of Life” with your family and friends – please just click here for more information.